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Mandy Brummer & KC Choy Reception  
Binghamton Club.  

Even though we played this reception before we started our practice of taking photos and posting them on our site, Mandy has recently sent us a few pictures and we're delighted to put them out here now.  Funny story...  Mandy made it very clear to us from the beginning that she and KC did not want any of the traditioal wedding line dances, and especially not the "Chicken Dance".   Well, guess who hollered out a request for the "Chicken Dance" during the final hour of partying?  Her Dad, Russ!!  We just looked at Mandy and said... "Well, Mandy your call".. She looked at us and at her father, took a deep breath and hollered  "Play It!", which we did.  Mandy, you made the right call.  :)  The best to you and KC always!