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New Life Church Singles Christmas Ball                       <Return to  Photo Album

This is the second year in a row that Rooster has been invited to provide the music for this fun event.  It is a great opportunity for singles in the Binghamton area to get to meet in a very nice setting. The people who attended had a great time and were ready dance right from the start.  As usual the ladies hit the dance floor first, but after declaring a few songs as 'ladies choice' some of those shy guys standing back along the walls sipping their punch got pulled in to partying.  A special thanks to Mike, Bill and all those who helped with hauling the equipment up and down those very steep stairs!  We were welcomed warmly and really enjoyed ourselves.  If you're single (any age) and would like to meet other singles, check out the singles group at New Life Church... a really fun group!

Some band shots...