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Brooke Ballard & Colin Peter Hughes  
at Chestnut Inn - Deposit, New York

Brooke and Peter actually were officially married March 8th, 2003.  This day marked the renewal of their vows and a reception to celebrate their wonderful marriage with family and friends.  The weather did not cooperate totally (big surprise for this area - not! ) so the renewal of the vows was moved to the big tent. It was lovely. Perry and Megs gave wonderful toasts and the party just took off and never stopped.  Brooke and Peter wanted a female singer along with Freddy so  we invited Carol Canfield to come along.  It was great having her on stage, sharing in the singing with Freddy.  Brooke and Peter make a great couple and their parents were great hosts,  as were Gary, Vonnie and the rest of the staff at the Chestnut Inn.  Lake rules required that we had to stop at 11pm which was too bad because the partiers and the band were just getting warmed up.  A great time was had by all.