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Amy Bruet & Kyle Bunker  
at Binghamton Club - Binghamton, New York

Amy and Kyle had a beautiful wedding reception, typical of the kind of shindig that Dianne and Jackie at the Binghamton Club are famous for providing. This was definitely a party group, right from the start.  In fact Amy got into to the party spirit so much that she totally forgot to throw her bridal bouquet as she had planned.   Amy and Klye are a riot together and its obvious that they have some very close friends and family that have shared a lot with them over the years.  By the end of the reception, we felt like we were family too.    Our digital camera was on the fritz so we weren't able to take snapshots like we like to do but we've invited Amy to send in some shots, so hopefully she will soon and we'll post them here when she does to share them will all of you!