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Katie Hake & Joseph Eels-Miller  
at the Statler Hotel - Ithaca, New York

Katie and Joe and their families were such fun to work with/for.  The time just flew by and we all hated to stop but we had to.  Some family and friends sat in (approved by Katie and Joe of course) and it was a riot.  They threw requests at us from "Fly me to the Moon" to "Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey".  When we asked Uncle What's-his-Name what key he wanted to sing Bill Bailey in,  he said, "Uh, I don't know, in Louie Armstrong's key". We could tell he was getting a little antsy so we just said "Oh sure! Just start it out and we'll join you" (having absolutely no idea what key that might be). Anyway that seemed to make him happy and away we went.  It was a blast - we all just had a great time!!!   And as we tell all the brides and grooms ...  Thanks for letting us be part of your very special day!