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                             Sound Bites                         

"Cup of Life"

"Disco Inferno"

"Any Way You Want It"  (featuring Paul on guitar)

"The Way You Look Tonight"

"Make Me Smile"

"Mambo Swing"

Drum and Conga Solo  (Jim and Freddy)

Keyboard Solo  (Bruce)

Sax Solo  (Dan)

Flute Solo  (Dan)

Bass Vocal  (Mark)

Rooster Crow A real-life rooster crow

"Just Can't Wait"   Paul's guitar solo from one of Paul's original songs.  Artists: Paul Knapik/Guitar, Jimmy Rosati/Drums,  Mike Barker/Bass, Tom Sorber/Keys, Dennis Martin/Trombone, Robert Weinberger/Sax, Kurt Ehrensbeck/Trumpet

"In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" - Drum Solo (MP3  1Meg)  Jim's drum solo from the "Brothers of the Road" album.  Members: Paul Kliment/vocal, guitar,  Mike Hayes/vocal, guitar, slide, dobro,  Benny Fiacco/bass, percussion, Jim Smith/drums.

"Hide That Donkey"  (MP3  1.6Meg)  Features Paul (Guitar), Mark Robinson(Guitar) from the "Rock for America" CD, with a blues group called the "Mudpuppies".  Proceeds from that CD went to the families of those who died on 09/11/2001.   Members: Paul  Knapik/lead guitar, Mark Robinson/vocals & rhythm guitar, Tom Sorber/organ (original Rooster member), Dave Belknap/bass, The late great Timmy Craig/drums.

"Lullaby For My Girls"  (MP3  1.4Meg)  Excerpt from one of Rooster's original piano pieces. This is an original song written by Tom Sorber for his daughters Wendy and Emily. Tom is co-founder of Rooster, and although he is no longer a permanent part of the band he is held with our utmost respect. He is a great friend and we invite him as a special guest from time to time. He will always be a part of Rooster. Enjoy his talent.