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This page is dedicated first and foremost to my parents, Ralph and Irene Sorber, who seeing the value in the arts, insisted on a musical education, right along with general schooling.  Their insistance that I study (I would have quit at an early age) was perhaps the most wonderful gift they could have ever given me.  Their love and support had no bounds, from driving me back and forth through years of lessons, to enduring hours of horrible practicing, to then driving me (and my first setup - Hammond organ M3 and speaker cabinet) around to my gigs when I was too young to drive.  I can never repay this debt, but I can say from the bottom of my heart, thank you Mom and Dad for your sacrifice.  

Secondly, I am forever in debt to all of the wonderful music teachers that I have had through the years, both within the public school system, in college and private instruction.  Their  talent,  willingness and ability to share their wisdom and knowledge combined with an infinite amount of patience has enriched me artistically and personally, beyond words.   

My advice to aspiring musicians - seek to be YOUR best, not THE best.  There is only one THE best, and it most probably will not be you, so enjoy who you are, try to improve a little each day, celebrate as you do, and enjoy the journey.  Strive to improve, but not so hard that you miss out on other wonderful experiences that may be (and should be)  a part of you.  Seek to create a balance in your life, throughout your life, with music being a part of the whole.   Freely acknowledge that your musical gifts are just that.  Remain humble and grateful.


Westover Church Orchestra with Mrs. Stillings, the

Trumpet teachers:
Donald Buckley
Mike Cuomo

Practicing the piano  - age 10.

Keyboard Teachers:  

Jack Eaton (Classical)

Don Grey (Improvisation)

John DiOrio (Improvisation, Arranging)

Rico Zizzo (Jazz, big band styles, voicings)

Trying out a cool Roy Rogers guitar - age 10

High School - "Vestal Voices" under director Robert Atteridge

"Vestal High Stage Band" (A) Brian Sorber (Tom's brother) (B) Bob Kaley
(C) Bob DiNunzio (D) Dick Wagner (E) Tom (F) Rico Zizzi - Director
(G) Gary Lucas

High School Class Musicians: Peggy Davis &  Tom

Hich School Jazz Quartet
Bass: Mark Kriebel
Drums/Vocal: Butch Neira
Trumpet: Gary Lucas
Piano/Organ: Tom

Tom's college ID, when he first started
taking courses, including music,  there.

"The Hangmen"  (no photos)
Dave Kline - Guitar
Bill Manwarring - Bass
Steve Elliott - Lead Guitar
Jenny Kane - Drums
Tom - Keyboards

"The Shadows"
(version 1)
front row l-r:
Mike Johnson

back row l-r:
Bob DiNunzio
Doug Breucher
Brian Sorber
Bob Kaley

"The Shadows"
(version 2)
left to right:
Buddy White
Brian Sorber
Bob Kaley
Butch Neira
(Check out those outfits!)

More of "The Shadows" (version 2)...



(note blond Hammond M3 organ)

"The Shadows"
(version 3)

left to right:
Bob Kaley
Butch Neira
Vince Simione
Brian Sorber

"Flesh & Blood"
Left to right:  Tom, Brian Sorber , Bob Kaley, Vince Simione, Phil DiOrio, Butch Neira. Under the management of Bob Cullings

Knee length custom made leather vest worn
during "Flesh & Blood" Days.
(see above photo)

"Old Blue" - Vintage cornet Tom
used to play (doubled on keys and trumpet) in "Flesh & Blood" (See above photo)

"Jacob's Ladder"
(version 1)

1st Row:
    Don Williams
    Gary Lucas

2nd Row:
   Ron Tierno
   Buddy White
   Brian Sorber

3rd (back) Row:
  Eddy Fiatto
  Bob Kaley

"Jacob's Ladder"  (version 2)
back:  Rick White, Don Williams, Robby Speer, Ron Tierno
front:  Gary Wahl, Bob Cirringione, Tom, Brian Sorber (Tom's brother)

(above) Tom's Hammond B3 with classic Wurlizter
Electric Piano stacked on top - in studio.

Photo used in hockey magazine with article about Tom writing the Duster's  (former Binghamton Hockey Team) fight song.

Tom at Hammond B3

"Jacob's Ladder" (version 3)  clockwise from lower left: Tom, Don Williams,
Bob Cirringionne, Rick White, Gary Lucas, Brian Sorber (Tom's brother),
Ron Tierno and Robby Speer

Just for fun, the guys in "Jacob's Ladder"
made up stage names for each other. Tom's
was "Tommy Stone", and here's a T-shirt
to prove it.

Gets pretty boring on the road some time.
Gotta have something to do!

Another "Jacob's Ladder" (version 3)  left to right: Tom, Brian Sorber,
Bob Cirringione, Don Williams, Ron Tierno, Rick White, Robby Speer and
Gary Lucas

Rehearsing/recording at studio
on Water Street in Binghamton, NY.

In concert

"White Lightning"
Left to right:
Al Chase
Dave Hagan

"Jacob's Ladder"
Left to Right- Tom and Rick White

"Jacob's Ladder" (version 4) left to right: Dave Hagan, Tom, Rick White,
Brian Sorber, Al Chase and Bob Wickman


left to right:

Brian Sorber:  Guitar/Drums/Trombone
Tom:  Keyboards/Trumpet/Vocals
Gary Lucas: Trumpet/Guitar

"Jacob's Ladder" - Gospel Group
Clockwise from lower left:
Larry Little: Vocal/Guitar/Keys
Brian Sorber: Trombone/Drums,
Tom: Keyboards/Trumpet/Vocal
Gary Lucas: Trumpet/Guitar
Nathan Little: Vocal
Scott Sorber (Tom's other brother)


Other versions of "Jacob's Ladder"  - the Gospel Group:

"No Compromise" l to r: Dennis Martin, Terry Walker, Robert Weinberger,
Jimmy Rosati, Kurt Ehrensbeck, Tom, Paul Knapik, Freddy Mendoza,
Mike Barker

left to right:
Robert Weinberger
Jimmy Rosati
Joseph Perkins
Joe Burton
Harris Thor

"Rock Bottom Bues Band"
left to right:
Mike Barker
Rick White
Robert Weinberger
Jimmy Rosati
Paul Knapik

the old man...